aims to be a one stop resource for all aspects of

 painting & decorating its procedures and associated products.

This site is designed for painters and decorators of all abilities.


The motivation behind this website is to extend a helping hand to those people who wish to undertake painting and decorating work in their own homes, and who might lack the necessary knowledge, or be in some way uncertain about process, technique and decorative materials and their uses.   

his website is an ongoing project, and I will endeavour to add new subject pages as and when I can.

The advice given on this blog on the decorative processes and material options is of an advisory nature; they are not instructions but rather guidelines to assist you improve the painting and decorating techniques and finishes.   It is the responsibility of the reader ascertain whether the information provided is appropriate for them, and that they are sufficiently skilled, to carry out the tasks described in a safe and proper manner.

Reviews on this site are of products which I find to be of the highest standard and would therefore recommend their use.   I will not post negative reviews however I will highlight product limitations and characteristics which I feel are important and worth expressing.

Paul Nichol