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Which Wallpaper Adhesive to Use

Choosing the correct adhesive for your chosen wallpaper is not difficult as wallpaper manufactures recommend the correct adhesive for their wallpapers on their labels.   Using the correct wallpaper adhesive for your chosen wallpaper is always advisable.   In the manufacturing of wallpaper the quality of the base paper and the printing inks used can be unique to that particular wallpaper especially in the designer and hand printed ranges.  The manufacture will recommend an adhesive type for each of its wallpapers that have the appropriate physical characteristics of that wallpaper.    

Other brands of adhesives can be used other than the one specified on the wallpaper’s label, as long as it has the same physical characteristics as the one recommended,  however using unspecified adhesives to hang a wallpaper may void any guarantees offered by the manufacture.   It is worth asking for guidance from your wallpaper supplier about alternative pastes as there can be a significant price difference between branded adhesives.

Wallpaper adhesives are available in four categories follow the links for more details.

Flake Pastes : Light Ready Mixed : Heavy Ready Mixed : Speciality Adhesives