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  1. Always begin at the bottom of the wall, working in 1 meter wide strips.   
  2. Place the steam pan against the wall, hold in place for about 10 seconds and then slide to the left or right
  3. Hold in place for 10 seconds before returning to the original area.   
  4. Place the steam pan half way between the two areas and begin to strip the exposed steamed wallpaper with a ridged stripping knife.  
  5. If the wallpaper is still stuck then return the steam pad for another 10 seconds and try again.   
  6. You will find that once the paper has softened the stripping knife will easily remove the wallpaper and expose the base surface, and all you should now need to do is to move the pans half its width to the side exposing yet more paper ready for scrapping off.    
  7. Allow just enough time for the paper to soften before moving the pan and do not prolong the steaming of one place, otherwise you might damage the wall surface.
  8. Take note how easily the paper softens and adapt you method and timings accordingly.   By following a systematic pattern the steam stripping, the process will be quicker and easier than other wallpaper stripping methods.