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Acrylic Polyurethane Enamel (available in both satin and gloss finishes)

I purchased this Satin paint to see if it could be a replacement for the discontinued Sikkens Rubbol BL Satura for the decoration of internal woodwork, as in my opinion the Sikkens paint was exceptional and should be used as a benchmark to evaluate other waterborne paints.

Bedec Aqua-Advanced (Satin) is a very easy paint to apply, its consistency allows the paint to be applied evening and without excessive effort; the paint film flows out and as long as it is applied with a good quality synthetic paintbrush it is possible to achieve a very high standard finish.

Bedec Aqua-Advanced on many internal and external surface types, it has good coverage and been waterborne it is quick drying.  Touched dry in 30 minutes, recoatable four hours.

The dried paint film is not glossy to the touch; although satin it has a flatter Sheen than both Dulux quick dry satinwood and diamond eggshell.

The paint is self-priming and achieves a good mechanical adhesion to even glossy surfaces.   I applied this product to previously oil-based gloss windows which had severely yellowed over the previous 18 years, and Bedec Aqua-Advanced both adhered and obliterated the aged paint and achieved an excellent solid and durable paint film.   Due to this paint been formulated using 100% acrylic resins it is claimed to be long-lasting and non-yellowing.

There are limitations on its use high traffic areas such as handrails and worktops and areas of constant water contact such as showers are inappropriate for this product; Proper surface preparation must be carried out prior to the application of this paint, failure to do so will affect its longevity and appearance.

Information on the correct surface preparation methods can be found by following this link:

Surface Preparation Procedures.

Thank you for visiting I hope you find my posts informative and that you will bookmark and visit again soon

Thank you for visiting I hope you find my posts informative and that you will bookmark and visit again soon


Paint Category

Coverage per litre


Available Tin Size

Application Methods

Suitable  Surfaces

Quick Facts


Waterborne Polyurethane Enamel

14 m2

£ 24.00 per lt           Advisory   

Internal and external woods and metals

1 lt

2.5 lt

5 lt

My Star Rating