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Dulux Trade Weathershield Quick Dry Gloss is easy to apply and it achieves a solid, deep shine.    As with all waterborne gloss paints it is necessary to apply at least 2 coats of the gloss paint over a properly undercoated surface to achieve a quality finish, and with a recoatable time of 4 hours it is possible to do this within a day.    It is possible to recoat sooner than recommended if conditions are favourable and the paint is fully dried.    I have recoated a door successfully within 2 hours with no obvious issues showing.    

I am confident that the Dulux Quick Dry Weathershield paint system delivers a robust decorative coating, and that it is comparable to more traditional oil based systems for longevity and appearance.

The Weathershield paint system is a 3 part system which includes a Preservative Primer, Undercoat and either Gloss or Satin finishing Paint.   I is important that the whole system is used otherwise it is likely the products will not perform as expected.

It is possible to apply a waterborne exterior paint system such a Dulux Quick Dry Weathershield over surfaces previously painted oil based products, however it is important that the surfaces are prepare properly.

The advantages of using this paint system over traditional exterior paints is its drying properties, which are very useful in high traffic areas and where doors and windows need to be closed as quickly as possible because of the weather or security issues.

If you do not want to use this product on the non-contact surfaces you can just use it on the frame opening, rebates and closing edges and then use the traditional Weathershield Gloss Paint.  This will give you the opportunity to close the windows or doors sooner.   It is possible to apply both the traditional Weathershield Gloss and Quick Dry Gloss over the Weathershield Quick Dry Undercoat; however I would not apply Weathershield Quick Dry Gloss over traditional Weathershield Undercoat.

I consider Dulux Weathershield Paint System to be an outstanding external system whether in its traditional solvent form or waterborne form.    The only visual difference between the finishes is in the depth of the sheen, the traditional paint has a deeper, fuller shine when compared to the quick dry gloss; however in standard use I do not think this would be noticeable.

I would not hesitate in recommending this product and I would also suggest applying this paint with a good quality synthetic paint brush.

An example of the practical use of this paint can be found on my post ‘Painting a previously varnished Front Door’.

Thank you for visiting I hope you find my posts informative and that you will bookmark and visit again soon.


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14 m2

£ 0000 per lt           Advisory   

For use on external woodwork.

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