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I had high expectations of this gloss, as the advances in quality and performance of waterborne paints has been quite impressive latterly, however in my opinion waterborne high sheen gloss paints have not kept up with the obvious improvements in many other paint finishes so I was keen to assess this paint against my expectations.

I find the problem with quick drying waterborne glosses is their lack of depth or depth of body in the finished paint film.   This lack of depth or body in the dried paint film acts to enhance surface defects such as timber grain and small indentations which traditional spirit based paints with their denser properties tend to disguise.

It would be unfair to base this review on the comparison between the two different gloss types, so therefore I will assess Dulux Quick Dry Gloss against products I have previously used.

The paint held nicely on the bristles of the Hamilton Perfection Synthetic Paintbrush I used and the paint flowed out evenly upon the fully dried Dulux Quick Dry Undercoat.   The Paint felt thicker and full bodied in comparison to other waterborne glosses I have used in the past, and was easy to apply.

The paint dried quickly and but even after 4½ hours at room temperature it was not fully cured however the surface felt dry but was not cured and felt tacky to the touch.     I would recommend applying a second coat of Dulux Quick Dry Gloss on obvious surfaces such as window sills where a high quality deep bodied shine is required, of cause only after the first coat has fully cured.

Dulux Quick Dry Gloss is the best waterborne gloss I have yet used even though it has some limitations.   The brush marks can remain visible and the depth of shine can appear shallow especially if a second coat of gloss is not applied.  The advantages of using waterborne paint systems are their quick drying times, being odourless and the longevity of their whiteness.   Waterborne paints are the future and manufactures are continually endeavouring to improve their products and I congratulate Dulux for creating this paint, which I am happy to use commercially.

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Waterborne Gloss

12 m2

£ 11.00 per lt           Advisory   

For use on Internal and External Woods and Metal

1 lt

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