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I find this to be an effective fast acting multi surface degreaser/cleaner that is strong enough to easily break down stubborn grease and grime.    I have recently used this product to clean the oil and grime from my cars engine bay which it did easily, I also used it to clean the walls and ceiling of a kitchen which I was painting.   In both environments the detergent easily broke down the surface grime within a minute leaving me the easy task of wiping the residue off the surface with  a clean damp cloth.

In its product literature Zinsser claims that this cleaner can clean dried water-based paints, paint overspray, tape residue, glue and adhesive, wax, food and drink stains, bird droppings, smoke damage, tree sap, marker pen and crayon, fireplace soot, along with many others from many common household surfaces including fabric.

I cannot say how effective this product is when used in such circumstance, but given its success in my limited usage, I have no reason to believe it would not work.

It is advisable when using strong detergents such as Zinsser Universal Degreaser & Cleaner to first read the instructions printed on the label and the test the product on a small discrete area so as to ascertain it effectiveness and suitability for the task in hand.   It is also wise when applying such cleaning products to protect your eyes, any bare skin and not to inhale any vapour mist.       

In conclusion I find this product to be an effective degreasing agent and I would not hesitate to recommend its use in the preparation process for painting and decorating.


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Surface Cleaner and degreaser

£ 6.00           Advisory   

750 ml

Spray directly from container

Previously painted surfaces, it can also be used on tiles, grout, baths, sinks, showers, tools and equipment, machinery, driveways ,BBQ’s, ovens.

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