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I find Polyfilla OneFill to be an excellent all-purpose surface filler. It’s consistency is deceiving for it is almost ice cream-like and has little physical weight, however once dried it forms a semi-hard layer which is easy to sand and the edges feather out nicely.

Polyfilla One Fill can be used on both small surface imperfections and larger surface defects. The filler dries quickly and although the instructions say it requires no sanding I find a light rub with some 320 wet and dry is beneficial.

Polyfilla One Fill is both an interior and exterior filler, however when being used on external surfaces it must be primed with a good quality external primer when fully dry; when used on internal surfaces it is recommended that an acrylic primer is applied prior to any finishing emulsions, however I find this not necessary, for I have not experienced any Flash Through or paint film colour distortion when over painting without first priming.

On larger more substantial surfaces defects on plastered walls and ceilings I initially use traditional powder filler and allow it to fully dry, then sand and prime it.  I then use Polyfilla one fill as a fine surface filler to correct the remaining surface defects.

It is important to keep the tub sealed and to only remove the filler as it is require and never return unused filler to the tub as I have found contaminants can affect the filler.

Please note:  Polyfilla One Fill should not be used in areas prone to prolonged water immersion.  

I hope you have found this review useful.


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Pre-Mixed Surface Filler

£ 8.50  1 lt     £25.00 4 lt          Advisory   

Filling Knifes, filling blades and spatulas.

Polyfilla OneFill lightweight filler is suitable for interior and exterior nonstructural repairs  to plaster, wood, brick, stone and concrete.

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