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Simply the best face mask I have every owned.

This is my dust mask of choice.   I use it as a general face mask to protect me from airborne particles but also to protect me from paint fumes which include those generated by spray paints.

This mask fits every time and has never yet failed to form an effective seal between it and my skin, even around the problematic upper nose area.   The straps are easily fitted, adjust straightforwardly and hold the mask securely and comfortably upon the head the mask is of rubber construction and is not at all heavy weighing about 28 grams.   Some masks leak air around the upper nose area and as anyone who wears glasses and an ill-fitting face mask knows steamed up lenses can be the result; I have never had this problem when wearing this mask.

The mask is maintenance free however I regularly wash mine with cold water and leave it to fully dry, this does not appear to damage the workings or effectiveness of the mask.    

I would always recommend wearing the highest quality face mask you can afford whenever you are exposing yourself to dust particles, fibres, fumes or vapours.   

3M Product Description

A unique range of respirators with integral filters designed for effective and comfortable protection against many gases, vapours and combination particulate hazards found throughout industry. Maintenance free design for maximum safety and simplicity. No maintenance records are required if disposed of within one month. Replace after 28 days or when damaged, breathing resistance increases or breakthrough occurs, whichever occurs first. There are 2 large bonded carbon filters for low breathing resistance with a low profile design for better peripheral vision. The respirator has a low resistance parabolic valve to reduce heat build-up and a soft, non-allergenic material face piece. It is a lightweight and well balanced design with a cradle head harness and easy to fasten neck strap.


Product Category

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Personal Safety Equipment

£ 20.00         Advisory   

Protection against particles of dust, fibre and vapours.

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