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Dulux Trade Durable Flat Matt Emulsion is an easy paint to apply.   It has high obliteration qualities, easily brushed and is quick drying.  The flat sheen finish is uniformed and indistinguishable between brushed and rolled areas, although the decorator’s skill may have something to do with this.   When applying the first coat there may be some surface drag and an unexpected high use of material, however the second application is so much easier and the coverage much increased.   

Proper surface preparation is essential to achieve the best result with this paint.   The surface should be free from all grease and dirt by using an appropriate degreasing agent.  Scraped back sanded and then sealed any powdery or flaking areas (Efflorescence) and seal with the appropriate primer.  Seal any water stains.   If required was down the entire area with warm clean water and allow to dry.     Rub down the entire area and fill any surface defects with a good quality filler such as Polyfilla OneFill, once dry, smooth out the filler, and remove dust.

New plaster should be mist coated/sealed with a diluted mixture of 5 parts paint to 1 part clean water.

As with all Dulux Trade Paints their manufactured consistency is that much greater than Retail Paints.  Trade Paints may require dilution before application; their thickness should suit their condition of their use.   Applying overly thick paint is not always the most sensible use of your product or time as it can result in an unsightly surface finish, extended drying time, and the possibility of surface cracks appearing in the future.  

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Flat Matt Emulsion

15 m2

£ 10.00 per lt           Advisory   

For use on all interior wall and ceiling surfaces that require a flat sheen finish. This paint can also be used in high traffic areas such as hallways due to its durability.

2.5 lt

5 lt

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